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  Omo Rural Development Association (ORDA) was founded on December 25, 2004, at conference held at Kaina village 2.5 km from Turmi, Lower Omo Valley! Participated by prominent local Chief's from Lower Omo Valley, including interested bodies, for participating development activities!  The main aim of the conference participants for the establishment of ORDP was/is to improve the living conditions of tribes in Lower Omo Valley; Ethiopia through the provision of various development programs, while ensuring the sustainability of natural resource based on the area of Lower Omo Valley & Southern Ethiopia. 


ORDA is an organization established for the Lower Omo Valley for social commitment, growth and development. The plans and action programs are free from: politics and Commercial profitering. The objectives of the organization are aimed at strengthening and safeguarding the overall social security and settlement and to render social services to the society. It is also intended to perform our duties and oppose contradictory organizations in the region.


The plan and action program's of the organization involve the development of wholesome work habits and to change the rural nomadic life to a settled agriculture life through our social services to create self reliance towards improving rural community life. Major Goals are of ORDP are :


-    To administer and treat the development of the Lower Omo Valley community.

-    To lye down the network of development to the nomads to enable them to live a settled agricultural life combined with livestock.

-    To launch services of energy from solar and wind.

-    To improve their awareness of HIV/ADIS.

-    Technical training and support.



-Program Area and Beneficiaries.


Omo Rural Development Association (ORDA), programs and development interventions will cover the whole area of Lower Omo Valley and Southern Ethiopia.


The Southern People Nation & Nationality of Ethiopia, which is selected for the program intervention stretches along Konso, Weyto, Turmi, Omorate, Dimeka, Key Afer, Jinka, Karo, Mursi, Kanga, Arbore, Ari & Surma ... zones mostly preferred pastoral and agro-pastoral areas. The Beneficiaries are the semi nomadic, pastoral and agro-pastoral communities living in Lower Omo Valley are expected to gain the benefits of all interventions of proposed development programs directly or indirectly. Under all program and proposed development projects and activities of Omo Rural Development Association (ORDA), women and children will be given special considerations.



Headquarter :

Addis Ababa , Kirkos Sub City Kebele 08 No. 484

-Telephone: (251) 0911207451 or (251) 0114162232.

Branch office :

Kaina Village , Turmi Lower Omo Valley

-Telephone: (251) 0911158748.


Bank information:

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Account number 8317

Swift Code, CBETETAA

Gofa Sefer Branch, Addis Ababa



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