ORDA is an organization established for the Lower Omo Valley for social commitment, growth and development. The plans and action programs are free from:


-          Politics and

-          Commercial profiteering.


The objectives of the organization are aimed at strengthening and safeguarding the overall social security and settlement and to render social services to the society. It is also intended to perform our duties and oppose contradictory organizations in the region.


The plan and action program's of the organization involve the development of wholesome work habits and to change the rural nomadic life to a settled agriculture life through our social services to create self reliance towards improving rural community life.





           The overall objectives of Omo Rural Development Association (ORDP) are:


 To establish and improve basic rural infrastructures of the area.


- To introduce to the rural dwellers of Lower Omo Valley (pastoral and agro-pastoral communities) wind and solar sources of energy infrastructures at village clinic and household's level.


- To build and strengthen the capacity of the local people in Lower Omo Valley (Southern  Ethiopia) towards the proper management and utilization of their own resources donors supports, any assistance from both NGO's (Government Organizations) and those who are interested for participating and to be involved in development activities in the region.


- To carry out various development activities, projects and programs in Omo Valley trough the active participation and involvement of the pastoral and agro pastoral communities dwelling in the rural areas of Omo Valley.  


- To carry out various environmental protection measures.


 Aid transport, flood crossing in Arfaide, Konso








Education for the development of national consciousness, to develop self reliance, solution for personal and community education for the development of agricultural, education for knowledge to participate fully in all aspects of life.


  1. HEALTH SERVICES, HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention.
  2. Drinking water
  3. IRRIGATION: Agricultural productivity and development technology utilization.
  4. Energy by solar & wind.
  5. Irrigation along side of Omo River